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Infrastructure Engineer | NLP, ML & Big Data

see.VA profitable BI company developing data-driven solutions based on NLP, Machine learning, and Big Data technologies is looking for an Infrastructure Engineer to Work closely with the Engineering and DevOps teams, taking full responsibility and ownership from conception to post-deployment in a collaborative, fast-paced environment. A unique opportunity to join a leading team and make an impact on the company's product.
The company promotes diversity and personal growth with competitive salaries, compensation packages, and offices in Tel Aviv that have won international Best Workplace awards.
Job Requirements:* 5 years of hands-on experience in server-side development.
* Experience with the following technologies/tools/fields: Elastic search, Messaging (RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc), Monitoring and Visibility (Log shipping, Prometheus, Health check, etc), build tools such as Bazel.
* Experience with architecture methodologies and paradigms like microservices, distributed systems and more.
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים, צפון
Job Date:19/03/2020
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
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Python Automation Engineer

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
QualiTestQualitest is the world's largest, independent managed services provider of quality assurance and testing solutions. As a strategic partner, we help brands move beyond functional testing to adopt new innovations such as automation, AI, and crowd-sourced UX testing. We leverage our domain expertise across industries, including financial services, insurance, media and entertainment, retail, technology, gaming, telecom, among others.
We are industry pioneers and innovators. For the fifth year in a row, the company was named Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services. Qualitest’s global service delivery platform includes the United States, Israel, UK, India and Romania.
Software quality engineering & testing is today’s fastest-growing field, and Qualitest is the leading QA company.
For our QA Automation group, we are looking for a skillful Python Automation Engineer - quick learner, independent, able to understand and work on complex systems.
The Automation QA Engineer will be responsible for developing automated tests in Python. The Automation QA Engineer will work closely with software development engineers and will collaborate on determining testing strategy, feature design, overall test ability of the product, and more.
Job Requirements:At least 3 years of experience in automation testing for software development teams
Experience in Python development
Experience in one of the following domains:
Linux (administration level)
Networking - understanding of Network protocols, WAN emulation and appliances
Storage (software-defined) Video processing
High level of English

Why QualiTest?
Have continuous access to and work with Senior Specialists and Practice Experts
Be a part of a leading company, globally recognized as a Visionary by Gartner Magic Quadrant
As a global company, we offer unique placement opportunities around the world
Intrigued to find more about us?
Visit our website at www.qualitestgroup.com
Check out our Career page: http://qa-jobs.qualitestgroup.com/
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:מהנדס תוכנה, Python
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:QualiTest

לארגוןבת"א דרוש/ה מומחה/ית וירטואליזציה שכר 22 K

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
בינת סמךאיפיון, ניהול וקידום פרוייקטים רוחביים בתחום וירטואליזציה, שרתים ומ"ה.
ידע מעשי ברמת מומחה במוצרי וירטואליזציה, מערכות הפעלה ובחומרות
דרישות התפקיד:לפחות 5 שנות ניסיון כמומחה תשתיות בתחומי וירטואליזציה, מ"ה וחומרת שרתים
בארגון enterprise גדול בארץ, הכפוף לרגולציה מחמירה.
לפחות 5 שנות ניסיון וידע טכני מוכח בניהול מערכות וירטואליזציה, לפחות שלוש
Redhat ,Oracle VM ,IBM LPar ,KVM ,Xen ,VMware :הבאה מהרשימה
לפחות 5 שנות ניסיון וידע טכני מוכח בהתקנה ותחזורה של מערכות הפעלה, כולל:
Windows( בגרסאות 2000 עד נוכחית(, AIX ,Linux( לפחות אחת מהרשימה הבאה:
)Ubuntu,SUSE,RedHat ,Oracle Linux ,CentOS(
לפחות 5 שנות ניסיון והכרות טכנית מוכחת עם חומרת שרתים של חברות מובילות
)לפחות שניים מהספקים הבאים: Cisco, IBM, HP, Dell)
ניסיון בהובלת פרוייקטים\פעילויות חוצי ארגון
שנות נסיון:5-6 שנים
איזורים:מרכז, שפלה, ירושלים, יהודה ושומרון
תחומים:תשתיות, sys admin win, DevOps
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:בינת סמך

סיסנת מגייסת את הראש צוות הבא שלה!

לפני 18 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
קבוצת אמנת- Sysnetאוהב/ת לנהל ולפתח ברמת ה-HAND -ON-משרה זו בישבילך!
משרה מלאה
מיקום המשרה: ירושלים, הר חוצבים
דרישות התפקיד:*ניסיון של לפחות שנתיים בניהול צוות פיתוח-יתרון לניסיון בניהול של מספר צוותים
*לפחות ארבע שנות ניסיון בפיתוח
דרישות נוספות:
Core .net
oracle, sql-server
ניסיון ביישומי cicd
שנות נסיון:3-4 שנים
איזורים:שפלה, ירושלים
תחומים:NET., Angular, ראש צוות
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:קבוצת אמנת- Sysnet

Software Director

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
High Tech CompanyFor an innovative system and semiconductor startup , designing the next evolution of AI-as-a-Service Infrastructure משרה 100395
Job Requirements:- M.Sc. / B.Sc. in Computer Science / Engineering / equivalent experience
- At least 5 years managing R&D teams of no less than 10 employees
- Able to dive down into complex software challenges and lead in-depth discussions.
- knowledge of C/C++ /Python
-Strong background in networking/drivers/ Liniux-Kernel
Required Experience:7 שנים ומעלה
Locations:שרון, צפון
Sub Categories:מנהל פיתוח, ארכיטקט מערכת, מתכנת
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה

Advanced Investigative Developer

לפני 20 שעות
הגש/י מועמדות
Check PointIf you are a sharp developer who likes to explore, investigate, and learn new things every day, this is the job for you!

Your job will be a challenging one: you will be required to dive into unfamiliar code with one (or several) known problems, locate the problem, design a code or architecture fix for it and implement your solution.

This challenging position will include working closely with technical support on production impacting cases, and perform code investigations.

You will be responsible to write quality fixes and improvements to a broad spectrum of existing products across multiple areas while maintaining good service and professional etiquette.
Job Requirements:B.Sc in computer science or relevant experience

C / C++ Knowledge
TCP/IP Networking
Fast learner, Autonomous work capabilities
Out of the box thinker
Familiarity with debugging tools
Linux - an advantage
Required Experience:1-2 שנים
Sub Categories:C++ / C
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Check Point

Data Scientist

לפני 23 שעות
הגש/י מועמדות
Check PointThis is a unique opportunity to be a member of a growing DS team within Check Point, a large, profitable and fast growing company, located in Tel-Aviv.
Check Point is widely recognized as the leading global security vendor, the Data Science team utilizes large scale analytics, machine learning, data mining, and other advanced technologies.

Design and develop a novel data-driven solutions that have the potential to deliver game changing results.

Join the research and development of new innovative capabilities for cyber security, involving advanced AI and Algorithms.
Quickly iterate on design approaches and POCs based on data-driven research and user feedback.
Apply your data driven curiosity and scientific knowledge to solve various cyber challenges.
Push the solutions all the way to a large scale production systems. Understand the architectural constraints of such systems and work with a cross-organizational engineering and product
team to quickly transition from prototype to a scalable robust implementation.
Job Requirements:At least 4+ years of relevant experience and track record in Data Science: Statistical Data Analysis, Algorithms and ML.
MSc or PhD degree in CS or Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Engineering, Physics or similar discipline..
Experience in R, Scala, preferably Python with the focus being on statistical algorithms development.
Team player, able to work in collaboration with subject matter experts, with ability to clearly present and communicate findings.
Proven ability to build and deliver data solutions in a short time frame.
Active Github, Kaggle member – an advantage.
Cyber security background – an advantage.
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:Scala
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Check Point

איש תשתיות בכיר

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
קורן טק טכנולוגיותלארגון פיננסי מוביל בת"א דרוש/ה איש תשתיות בכיר אשר יהווה אוטוריטה מקצועית ל-כ- 2-3 עובדים.
מומחה לעננים כולל התמחות בעולם גוגל (SAS,PASS,IAS)
הכרה מעמיקה עם תהליכי CI|CD בסיסי נתונים ומערכות הפעלה WINDOWS|LINUX
דרישות התפקיד:ניסיון בעבודה Hands-on
כתיבת קוד ליצירת מכונות באמצעות תהליכים אוטומטים
יכולת הובלת משימות פרויקטים ומתן תמיכה ומענה לתקלות.
ליווי צוותי הפיתוח משלב האפיון ,ייצור ותחזוקה
שנות נסיון:5-6 שנים
תחומים:תשתיות, DevOps, Cloud
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:קורן טק טכנולוגיות

OS Infrastructure Software Developer

לפני 21 שעות
הגש/י מועמדות
Check PointTake major part in developing of OS infrastructures and capabilities throughout the development lifecycle, from research, innovation to design, development and delivery.
Develop networking management and monitoring capabilities from UI level, API framework to kernel level.
Enhance backend capabilities to checkpoint gateway product.
Job Requirements:Computer Science graduate, preferably from a leading university
Talented developers with 0-2 years experience in C, C++, UNIX/NT/Linux, OOP is an advantage
Prior knowledge in kernel development / networking / kernel programming is an advantage
Flexibility, ability to work in a multi-tasked and dynamic environment
Quick and creative solution finding abilities
Required Experience:1-2 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:LINUX / UNIX, C++ / C
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Check Point

Android Developer לחברה מצליחה בתל אביב

לפני 2 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
AMBITIONAndroid Developer לחברה מעולה ומצליחה בתל אביב
בעל כ 3 שנות ניסיון
Job Requirements:דרישות
Android Developer לחברה מצליחה בתל אביב
2+ years of experience in native Android applications development
3 years of coding experience in Java
Strong understanding of OOP concepts and design
Experience creating custom UI controls
Experience launching at least one commercially deployed application
Bonus Points
Experience with unit testing/UI testing
Developing an application from scratch
Deep knowledge of design patterns
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Sub Categories:Android
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:AMBITION

SDET Engineer (QA Automation)

לפני 21 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
VerifoneVerifone is a leading payment solution company. One of the world’s largest POS terminal vendors and a leading provider of payment and commerce solutions.
We operate in more than 150 countries and employ nearly 6,000 people globally.
We are looking for SDET Engineer (QA Automation) to join our global & successful team, located in Rosh Ha'ain.
This is what we do - https://verifone.co.il/ / https://www.verifone.com/en/us
Job Requirements:• 3+ Years of Experience in Automation and Manual Testing
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent with strong academic backgrounds
• Proficient in Automation using Java or C# and Python using Selenium Web driver
• Demonstrates an ability to create test scenarios, write test cases and identify software defects
• Experience in API Testing and automation
• Proficient in tools like JMeter or Postman
• Strong Experience in writing and maintaining Automation scripts
• Experience in Automation Frameworks like POM, Data driven, BDD etc.
• Thorough understanding of SDLC, specifically automated QA process in agile development environments
• Should be able to work as individual contributor
• Familiar with the agile process, working with a Scrum Master, quality estimate, QA testing process and tools.
• Familiarity with Microsoft environment
• Strong analytical skills, strong verbal and written communications skills English & Hebrew, and great attention to detail are required.
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון
Sub Categories:בדיקות אוטומטיות, פיתוח כלי בדיקות
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Verifone

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