R&D DevOps

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| לפני 22 שעות
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ONE SYSYTEMS is seeking a R&D DevOps which will be responsible for developing the DevOps solution to perform and achieve the development optimization targets and goals of cyber processes. The role will emphasize on open source technologies with micro services environment based on Docker, orchestrate by Kubernetes with CI/CD processes. The position will require a high degree of coordination with the company’s engineering, services, laboratory, R&D operations and business teams.

דרישות התפקיד

Main Responsibilities
• Team player with coding hands-on ability that can work with other team members to accomplish various jobs, and to thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced R&D and lab/testing environment.
• Working knowledge of cyber processes, agile development, system operations
• IT, HW and Software
• Install, configure and deploy Elbit Software
• Ability to participate in a multi-task environment
• Familiarity with Support methodologies and practices
• Set and meet the performances by KPIs
• A person that takes ownership and covers the end-2-end

Expected Experience and Knowledge
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering - Advantage
• Micro services environment with understanding and distributed architecture - Docker and Kubernetes are must
• Experience with BigData,Kafka, Elasticsearch, Flink -Advantage
• Knowledge and understanding of CD/CI processes
• Knowledge and experience in problem solving with Kibana, Prometheus and Grafana
• Knowledge of scripting like: Ansible, bash, python
• Cloud experience- Advantage
• Working over on-prem environment.