Senior Engineer

רמת החייל |
3-4 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| לפני 8 שעות
תיאור משרה

At Mavericks, we do algorithmic trading. From an engineering standpoint, our systems are built based on deep knowledge in computing. If you're intellectually invested in native-level software engineering, near real-time constraints, parallel computing and basically anything that requires insight into how things really work on the inside, then you're welcome to join our ranks.

We are currently a very small team, successfully running our systems in the market for more than two years. We’re now starting to build up our team, looking for our next hardcore-engineer.

We offer: A fast-paced work environment located in our HQ in northern Tel Aviv; a place for you to become ever more proficient in what you do, and learn a lot more; being a core member in a highly specialized R&D team building a complex machine, responsible for stabilizing and facilitating trade in today's electronic markets.

You’ll be responsible for designing, implementing, testing and measuring our core trading components, deployed in remote co-locations of the stock exchange. We work as a team composed of experts in their respective fields, and you’ll be collaborating with research personnel, reading in-house produced scientific articles, and sometimes take part in authoring and presenting technical reports for the rest of the team

דרישות התפקיד

Familiarity with C++11 a must; at least 3 years professional experience writing native code

Experience in concurrent programming and multithreading; relevant OS knowledge; CPU scheduling and affinity

Knowledge in low-level memory management

Experience analyzing run time performance

Experience with network programming; fundamental knowledge of protocols

Reading X86 assembly

Working in a git workflow