Backend Developer

מספר מקומות |
3-4 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 29/04/2021
תיאור משרה

We are looking for people we imagine building an empire with, making great products together.
We value teamwork & responsibility above all and consider every single member to be a perfect mix of professional ability and leadership.
As part of our team, you'll take an active role in developing AI based data science platform and get a chance to work with cutting-edge technologies.
Our Stack:
NodeJs, (advantage - Python)
AWS services, Docker, K8S, MongoDB, Terraform
You will
Design to production of complex modules & features in customer-facing products
Be the complete owner of your work
Develop new features and backend infrastructure enhancements on data science platform.
Collaborate with data science and data acquisition teams to integrate new data sources and data pipelines into the product.
Working in an Agile environment and delivering high-quality features in high volume. משרה 102996

דרישות התפקיד

"At least 5 years experience in the industry (or tech unit service + 3 years)
"Excellent knowledge of Node.js and JavaScript frameworks (react/angular)
"Experience in building frontend & backend high-performance systems
"Comprehensive expertise in Object-Oriented Design, Software Architecture, Algorithms & Data Structures
"Experience working with any SQL & NoSQL environments (e.g mysql, mongodb, elastic, dynamodb, redis)
"A team player
"Hands-on experience in big data pipelines (Spark / Hadoop / Elastic)
"Familiar with AWS technologies
"Experience in serverless solutions and micro-services architecture on cloud infrastructures while solving high volume / low response time problems
"NoSQL \ SQL experience