Principal Web Application Architect

מספר מקומות |
1-2 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 29/04/2021
תיאור משרה

For an established hi-tech company developing platforms for the automatic generation of data-based content, with offices in the Sharon.
We are looking for an experienced Software Architect to make high level decisions for software development. To see the “big picture” and create architectural approaches for software design, implementation and development workflows, for the development team.
We are looking for a great software architect with a strong technical background and excellent software skills. Experienced in designing and possess ability to develop a unified vision for software characteristics and functions, using tools and industry best practices.
Develop high-level product architecture with attention to system integration, scaling and feasibility
Help defining all aspects of development from appropriate technology and workflow to coding standards
Oversee progress of development team to ensure consistency with initial design
Provide technical guidance and coaching to developers and engineers משרה 103006

דרישות התפקיד

Proven experience as software architect and application design.
Experience in software development and coding in various languages (NodeJS, Angular)
Experience in breaking monoliths into microservices architecture.
Deep understanding of cloud based infrastructure.
Knowledge in industry best practices for package management, and their release cycles.
Experience with multi-version microservices.
Deep understanding in software design paradigms (DDD, TDD, etc.) and principles (KISS, SOLID, DRY, SSOT, CQS, etc.)
Experience with NoSQL and SQL
HO experience in Dockerize environment
Knowledgeable with branching strategy for Git based development.
Hands-on experience and good understanding of Kafka and Big Data stream processing.
Experience with Java.
Experience with AWS .
Experience with Graph DB (Neo4J/NeptuneDB)
Experience working with Kubernetes.