Head of Global TGRC

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| 06/05/2021
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Build and Lead Global Technical Governance, Risk and Compliance (TGRC) work for Information Security.
Although the key focus of the role is the maintenance of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligned with Teva Cyber polices, standards etc. and ISO 27001, Develop a Technological Control Assurance platforms and monitor information security risks, control failings and industry framework. Also responsible for privacy regulations (aspect of cyber controls) and Awareness plan

דרישות התפקיד

Deep knowledge of Cyber security in all layers and aspects
Lead role in Cyber security, privacy, governance, awareness and compliance (by regulation, local ITSEC policy etc.)for the company
Providing and leading input into the risk assessment process for any cyber event like zero day, new vulnerabilities etc.
Lead role in the third party risk assessment process, which will include sending third party risk assessments to vendors, evaluating the risk level, recommending mitigating controls, documenting the assessment
Responsible for implement and maintenance advance Governance Technological Platforms
Extensive knowledge of security technologies, information systems, and risk assessment methodologies.
Maintain broad knowledge of Policies, standard, methodologies and trends in the field of Information Security and other technologies relevant to systems governance
Demonstrate understanding of business processes and risk management in areas such as cyber security, cloud security, cloud governance and compliance, DevOps, cloud data protection
Collaborate with technical teams, partners and leadership teams to translate security risk mitigation plans into meaningful actions to mitigate risk.