Senior Python Engineer / Tech Leader

מספר מקומות |
5-6 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 17/05/2021
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Senior Python Engineer / Tech Leader
5 years experience with backend/server engineering in Python (or equivalent)
Experience working with Big data technologies (BigQuery, Kafka, Spark, Dask, Beam) at scale
Experience working in Docker/Kubernetes. If you're familiar with Helm, Kubeflow, Pachyderm or similar Kubernetes tools that's a big plus
Experience with cloud platforms (GCP, AWS, Azure), working on production payloads of large scale and complexity.
Experience in working on enterprise software, security or data products
Big Advantage: Hands-on experience with data science tools and frameworks
A hands-on software craftsman with a passion for data and scalable, reliable backend software
Core team leader
Degree in computer science/software engineering or relevant army service experience.
10+ years of experience building high availability, high performance, high-volume, scalable systems
3+ years of experience as an architect or related technical leadership role on a SaaS Cloud product
3+ years of experience leading a highly skilled development team
Hand-On experience with AWS and its managed services
Programming experience using Python
Familiarity with virtualization and container technologies (docker)
Solid understanding of network protocols
Track record of designing and building major components of a large scale cloud solution
Solid understanding of algorithms, data structures, performance optimization techniques, and multithreaded programming
In-depth understanding of running production service with 24/7 support and monitoring
Excellent communication skills and a genuine interest in working and mentoring others

דרישות התפקיד

Senior Backend Developer -Python
5+ years of OO Software development experience, with some experience in Python
Either a first or second degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
Experience with:
Microservices design + architecture
AWS - Experience working with EC2, EKS, S3
Experience with distributed computational systems is a plus
• degree in Computer Science
• Experience in Python/Node.js
• Multi-threaded / Asynchronous programming experience
• Strong communication skills
• Experience in Computer vision
• Knowledge in: Influx DB, BI, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Swarm, Open-Source tools