DevOps Engineer

מספר מקומות |
5-6 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 28/06/2022
תיאור משרה

A unicorn in the making is looking for the most enthusiastic, talented and passionate DevOps
engineer to join the magic circle.

דרישות התפקיד

• At least 5 years experience as DevOps
• Experience in creating and managing SaaS applications deployments and monitoring in
cloud environments..
• Experience with Terraform, AWS , Python, Git, Linux
• Experience with CI/CD workflows
• Working with AWS, Docker, and microservices (or similar technologies)
• Experience with configuring and managing large workload clusters (FARGATE,
• Specific experience with Github actions
• Cybersecurity understanding and implementation of security tools

* משרה זו פונה לנשים וגברים כאחד.