מספר מקומות |
3-4 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 26/06/2022
תיאור משרה

We are looking for an experienced Data QA Engineer to join our Analytics R&D center in Herzelia.
In this role you will work alongside our professional data teams on building and perfecting our next generation Big Data analytics solution - ingesting high-volume streams of structured and unstructured data from multiple sensors, data enrichment, real-time queries, insights based on machine and deep learning, alerts and other advanced features

דרישות התפקיד

At least 2 years of experience as a QA engineer/ analyst / BI

Experience working in Linux environment

Experience in E2E testing

Strong experience in SQL / NoSQL including complex queries

Strong analytical skills - identifying bugs and solving complex problems

Some experience and knowledge in a development language of choice

* משרה זו פונה לנשים וגברים כאחד.