Industrial Engineer (Maternity leave)

רחובות |
1-2 שנים |
משרה זמנית
| 09/08/2022
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What you'll be doing:
• Initiating and leading Line design optimizations focusing on the critical path and eliminating non-value-added activities.
• Initiating and leading infrastructure improvement projects utilizing Industrial Eng. methodologies (Jigs, clean room/Lab Equipment, Systems, working area standard, BI Tools ).
• Initiating and leading programs for new layouts and space optimizations by optimal Layout Design supporting the business, safety & ergonomics requirements.
• Leading improvement of cycle time and efficiency through mapping and identifying waste in the processes.
• Initiation of IT solutions to improve control, data-based analysis and decision making.
Replacement for maternity leave (6-9 months)

דרישות התפקיד

What you should have?
• M/Sc/ B.Sc in Industrial Engineering (or a similar field) from a known Academic institution.
• Experience of at least 2 years as an Industrial Engineer in Operations /or a similar role in the industry.
• Strong Knowledge in either fields of Manufacturing / Logistics/ Layout optimization or Design
• Experience in Projects Management - advantage
• Expertise in Lean Manufacturing Methodologies - advantage
• Technical experience/ orientation- advantage
• High English level (speaking, reading, writing)
Replacement for maternity leave (6-9 months)

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