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Senior Front-End Developer

לפני 10 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Comm-ITComm-IT is looking for a Senior Front-End Developer!
This is a great opportunity to join our great team, work with multiple cutting edge technologies and domains.
Job Requirements:At least 3 years of experience in rich web applications development - Must
At least 1 year hands-on experience in one of the major MVC JS frameworks – Must
Strong knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 - Must
Experience in Angular Framework (1.5/2/4/5)
Experience in React
Experience in Node.JS development - Advantage
Experience in Responsive design web development – Advantage
Experience in Cordova hybrid apps development – Advantage
Experience in any of the following: Ionic, Sass, Grunt, Bootstrap, Meteor, MongoDB – Advantage
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:מפתח WEB, Angular, React
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Comm-IT

Senior Frontend Developer

לפני 10 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
RachipTo a leading company in the customer's data analyzing area we are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer
Job Requirements:An agile attitude that can take an idea and deliver a complete solution
Vast experience with Javascript frameworks such as ReactJS, AngularJS or VueJs
Ability to write clean, well-structured code
Able to understand big & complex UI projects
Advantage: Experience in component testing & testing single page applications.
Advantage: Familiar with backend languages such as Grails.
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:JavaScript, React
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Rachip

Full Stack Developer

לפני 12 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Devaloreמפתח/ת Full Stack
- דגש על פיתוח אפליקציות ב-React Native (כולל עבודה על מחשבי Mac ופיתוח גם ל-iOS)
- פיתוח צד לקוח: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, React (יתרונות: אתרים רספונסיביים, נגישות)
- פיתוח צד שרת: C#, .Net, WebApi, WCF (יתרונות: TFS Version Control, IIS)
- ניסיון: שנתיים לפחות
דרישות התפקיד:*המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים כאחד
שנות נסיון:1-2 שנים
איזורים:מרכז, שרון
תחומים:React, React Native, C#
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:Devalore

Full Stack Team Leader

לפני 13 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
zertoWhy choose Zerto?

Zerto’s industry-changing IT Resilience Platform allows companies to eliminate the risk and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption. Our disruptive Platform sets the standard of how companies achieve continuous availability, how they protect, mobilize and back-up their data and applications.

Being a Zertonian doesn't only mean being part of a fast-growing company (over 800 employees), which year over year shows great results - it is more than that. We’re a company which values an open and honest approach. We have great respect for our customers, we appreciate teamwork and effort which leads to execution. We encourage our employees to maintain a work-life balance. We play as hard as we work and we never forget to enjoy the ride!

Lead a full stack agile team (3-4 people) in charge of one of our main SaaS products.

As a Full Stack Team Leader at Zerto you will:

Establish leadership and vision in a key area of a fast growing company
Participate in the analysis of business requirements and lead the design and implementation of a web based SaaS product
Work closely with Architects, QA, Dev-Ops, Product and management
You will recruit, train, coach team members and set a high technical bar for the team
You will lead hands-on aspects of the development cycle including code and design reviews
You will lead the product development full lifecycle from early stages to production
Job Requirements:2+ years of experience as a hands-on full stack team leader position, leading a web-based product development
2+ years of experience with one of the following frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, Ember, Backbone or similar
2+ years of proven hands-on experience with node.js on the server-side
2+ years of experience with databases (preferably NoSQL DBs such as MongoDB)
BSc in computer science (or an equivalent degree)
Familiarity with SCRUM/Agile
Continuous integration tools and practices
Strong analytical skills
Can-do attitude
Strong people skills
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, צפון, יהודה ושומרון
Sub Categories:React, NodeJS, ראש צוות
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
Mandatory Requirements
מיקום החברה בהרצליה פיתוח - האם רלוונטי עבורך?
שימו לב: לא ניתן לשלוח קורות חיים למשרה זו ללא אישור דרישות החובה
For more jobs and additional info about:zerto

מומחה React בכיר חברת סטארט אפ בתל אביב

לפני 13 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Powerlink CRMלחברת סטארט-אפ בתל אביב בתחום ה-SAAS דרוש מפתח FRONTEND המתמחה ב- React
CSS JS HTML האפליקציה מיישמת תבניות דינאמיות, רילטיים, ajax ומבנה נתונים דינאמיים.
דרישות התפקיד:תואר מאוניברסיטה או מכללה מוכרת
נסיון בפיתוח והובלה עצמאית של פרוייקטים, יכולת לימוד עצמי
נסיון עם עבודה מול בסיסי נתונים SQL חובה
נסיון של לפחות 3 שנים בפיתוח מערכת
דרושה היכרות מעמיקה ונסיון עם React JS כולל כל הטכנולוגיות העוטפות כגון: css 3 ,html 5 jquery, require js, json.
שנות נסיון:3-4 שנים
איזורים:תל אביב, רמת גן / גבעתיים, חולון / בת ים, ראשון לציון, פתח תקווה
תחומים:Full Stack, מהנדס תוכנה, React
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה, משרה חלקית
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:Powerlink CRM

Technical Software Team Leader

לפני 13 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Start-up CompanyYou will lead a team with 3-5 Engineers covering full-stack, web and mobile developers and create a breakthrough communication service. The main technologies will include modern frameworks using JavaScript / Node.js, and native mobile. You will be willing and able to choose which tasks to develop hands-on, and at the same time we hope you will spend your time building the team, mentoring and coaching others, designing the architecture, researching and choosing technologies and frameworks, planning features and capabilities, reviewing and improving results and mostly owning your project and taking steps to get stuff done.
Job Requirements:3+ years working as a developer, most preferably using JavaScript
1+ years as a senior developer/architect/system eng. or team lead BSC in Computer Science or a related field
Proven experience with large scale React projects
Result oriented, go-getter, fast learner, independent, great communicator
Excellent level of English language – speaking and writing
Experience working for a startup - as a plus
Knowledge of React Native - as a plus
Understanding scale, DB (SQL and NoSQL), distributed systems, protocols - as a plus
Required Experience:1-2 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:ראש צוות, React, React Native
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Start-up Company

Senior Full-Stack technical lead

לפני 13 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Yael Goren -AccurateMy client, a global leader in the online market, is recruiting Senior Full-Stack Tech-Lead to join the R&D group in order to lead cutting edge technological design and implementation and make an impact!
As a tech-lead you will:
*Develop next-generation distributed Web systems by contributing hands-on effort in all areas (FE, BE, infrastructure, etc.)
*Deliver highly scalable projects end-to-end
*Lead complex tasks, be a knowledge hub for fellow developers and introduce new technologies into the daily work while maintaining high development standards and quality
*Serve as a technical leader in at least one of the following areas (BE, FE, Node.js, CI/CD, UI/UX)
Job Requirements:*8+ years of experience with hands-on Web development including hands-on experience
*6+ years of hands-on experience developing using web scripting languages such as Node.js/Python/ROR/Go etc.
*4+ years of hands-on experience with modern database technologies, both SQL and NoSQL
*4+ years of hands-on experience with vanilla JavaScript development
*2+ years of hands-on application and tooling development in Node.js in microservices distributed environments, employing various testing-oriented and code quality methodologies
*2+ years of experience working with containers (Docker, Swarm/Kubernetes) in an agile CI/CD pipeline
*Experience in project lifecycle/release management
*Experience in designing complex systems architecture
Required Experience:7 שנים ומעלה
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, צפון
Sub Categories:Full Stack, NodeJS, React
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Yael Goren -Accurate

Senior full stack developer

לפני 14 שעות
הגש/י מועמדות
SapiensDECISION is a web application suite which enables business users to model business rules in decision tables and export them to different executable formats.

The customer's in-house systems can then consume the exported executable files. This enables business user to directly manage the business rules/logic which is stored in DECISION, while allowing IT to focus exclusively on the technical consumption of those rules.

As a FullStack Developer, you will be part of the Sapiens Decision R&D group. You will work within a small, active, energetic elite team. As a member of the team, you will master the entire application life-cycle including application architecture, application deployment architecture, development and continuous integration.
We are looking for a highly motivated, detail-oriented, energetic individual who can think outside the box and question assumptions. An innovative person, get-things-done, technologists with strong analytic and problem-solving skills. We hire great people who love to program, love technology and have an enthusiasm for their work while keeping good work-life balance. The position includes core development as well as guiding, mentoring and supporting other developers.
Job Requirements:At least 5 years of experience in server side JAVA programming on large scale enterprise on large scale enterprise applications - MUST
Experience using Spring and Hibernate - MUST
At least 4 years of experience with Web Applications: strong javaScript skills, Technologies such as HTML5, CSS/CSS3 - MUST
Angular\React\Vue experience with an enterprise application - MUST
Ability to write high-performance, reusable code for UI component - MUST
Deep familiarity with proper, thorough, frontend testing - MUST
Possess architectural skills, OOP and Design Patterns - MUST
Strong grasp of security principles - Advantage
Experience working with docker/containers - Advantage
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:JAVA, Full Stack, React
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Sapiens

senior fullstack developer

לפני 14 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Devaloreמפתח Full stack:
• ניסיון של לפחות 3 שנים ב-Nodejs.
• ניסיון בעבודה עם Micro-services- חובה.
• ניסיון ב-React של לפחות 3 שנים.
• ניסיון עם SQL- nosql- חובה.
• נכונות ללמוד דברים חדשים.
• יכולת למידה עצמאית.
דרישות התפקיד:*המשרות מיועדות לנשים וגברים כאחד*
שנות נסיון:3-4 שנים
תחומים:NodeJS, Full Stack, React
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:Devalore

Senior React Developer

לפני 15 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
edea– Bring the new Mobile, Tablet and desktop Point of sale, so it will be accessible to all type of existing POS. The point of sale will be used for restaurant, fashion shops, home depo and more. New POS projects will use the latest technologies. Development software from scratch, Main platforms are Web and Mobile devices. Development is conducted on the most accurate version of SCRUM, and the qualifications of the whole team are committed to Full stuck development
Used technologies:
Frontend: JavaScript (EcmaScript ^6 + Webpack/Babel), React ^16, Redux, React-Hooks, Thunk, SCSS, MaterialUI-Next
Backend: Node.js (small part of project), Gulp.
Testing: Jest, Enzyme, JMeter.
Workflow: SCRUM, GitFlow, JIRA.
Job Requirements:Commercial JavaScript development more than 3 years;
– js more than 2 years;
– Redux more than 2 years;

– React Native and Electron;
– Understanding architecture of isomorphic applications;
– JavaScript graphics libraries, like d3 or Snap;
– Experience as an arbiter on Scrum events;
– js more than 1 year;
– Testing JS Applications with using Jest or Karma;
– Testing React components with using Enzyme;
– ECMAScript standard features;
– Typing a language with JSDoc;
– CSS pre-compilers such as SASS / SCSS;
– Git flow;
– build tooling such as Webpack, Gulp;
– Understanding the principles of functional programming;
– Knowledge and practical experience of the Scrum methodology;
– Knowledge of English at Intermediate level;
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:React, React Native, JAVA
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:edea

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