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דרושים JAVA

חפש משרות

Data Science Team Leader

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
see.VA global & award-winning cyber security company, based in Herzliya, is looking for a data science team leader to own and lead the whole data science pipeline from prototype to production.

Job Responsibility:
* Own and oversee large scale technical implementation of Machine Learning algorithms.
* Develop algorithms that will assist cyber analysts in finding malicious activity.
* Advise other Data Scientists on best practices and methodologies.
* Drive the research road-map and identify areas we can improve the product.
Job Requirements:* Strong experience in building and deploying machine learning algorithms in a production environment.
* Demonstrated ability to write clean code in Java or Python.
* Experience working with industry standard libraries and frameworks like Keras, PyTorch, Spark MLLib and Tensorflow.
* Excellent communication skills with the ability to explain complex concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
Required Experience:1-2 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:Machine Learning, Python, JAVA
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
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DevOps Engineer

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
see.VA well-funded startup based in Hod Hasharon is looking for a DevOps Team Leader that will bring its center of excellence to the next level.
Job Requirements:• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
• 3+ years of experience working as DevOps engineer and at least 2 as manager.
• Hands-on experience with a wide range of AWS services, including Redshift, ElastiCache, Kinesis and EC2 in addition to open sources solutions such as Cassandra and Kafka.
• Experience with scripting languages such as Python.
• Programming experience in Java.
• Experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment automation tools such as Jenkins or Gitlab pipelines.
• Experience setting up a Kubernetes system.

Skills & Advantages:
• Proficiency with Maven build tools.
• Working with repository platforms such as Nexus, Archiva, and Artifactory.
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:DevOps, Python, JAVA
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
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Backend Developer

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
see.VA fast-growing startup that is developing a platform based on machine learning algorithms that prevents online credit scams is looking for a Backend Developer to join a leading team working with cutting edge technologies with top engineers. Among the company's customers are Prada and Booking.
Benefits & Perks include:
* Stock options for all employees.
* Extra time off for parents and caregivers.
* Team events, fully-stocked kitchen, yoga, pilates, basketball, soccer, and more.
The offices are in Tel Aviv.

Job Responsibilities:
* Build new FinTech products from scratch that expand the company's ecosystem.
* Work closely with research and product team, developing complex applications that aid with analyzing huge amounts of data.
* Take part in revamping the architecture and building new micro services.
* Work in collaboration with other development teams on building large scale real-time applications.
* The company's Stack: Ruby, Scala, Angular, Postgres, Elasticsearch Redshift, AWS, Kafka, Docker.
Job Requirements:* B.Sc. in Computer Science or military equivalent certifications.
* 3+ years of proven experience in hands-on server side coding.
* 1+ years of proven experience in hands-on client side with web frameworks (AngularJS, Angular, React) - an advantage.
* Autodidactic approach to software development.
* A passion for writing clean and robust code.
* Capable of working independently and in a team environment.
* Experience with Ruby/Scala - an advantage.
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Scala
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:see.V

דרוש/ה ראש/ת צוות פיתוח JAVA

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
TALPIOT• לחברת תוכנה מצליחה המבצעת טרנספורמציה דיגיטלית למרכזי שירות באמצעות טכנולוגיות מתקדמות של בינה מלאכותית ולמידת מכונה דרוש/ה ר"צ המתמחה בפיתוח JAVA לתפקיד המשלב עבודה עם BIG DATA וmicro service
דרישות התפקיד:ניסיון מקצועי רלוונטי בפיתוח JAVA – חובה
• ניסיון מוכח בניהול צוותי פיתוח – חובה
• ניסיון בפיתוח Backend בעיקר- חובה
• ניסיון בעבודה עם REST API- - חובה
• ניסיון בעבודה עם Spring/ Hibernate- - חובה
• הכרות עם עולמות ה BIG DATA – יתרון משמעותי
• עבודה במודיעין עילית
שנות נסיון:3-4 שנים
איזורים:ירושלים, יהודה ושומרון
תחומים:ראש צוות, JAVA, מתכנת
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:TALPIOT

Big Data Software Architect

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
see.VA profitable Big Data company, that is developing a product in Social Data, is seeking a hands-on Big Data Software Architect to play a key role in its Data-Pipeline Team. The company has high social benefits such as unlimited vacation days. The offices are in Petah Tikva (near the train station).

The chosen candidate will define, shape and evolve the architecture of large-scale data-products.
Job Requirements:• 5+ years of server-side development experience.
• 3+ years of large scale Big Data technologies experience.
• Deep understanding of big data technologies (e.g Spark).
• Ability to take into account the broader picture while still diving into details.
• Experience with AKKA - an advantage.
• Deep understanding of NoSQL DBs.
• Deep understanding of Cassandra - an advantage.
• Experience with JAVA, SCALA, and Python.
• B.A/B.Sc in computer science or a similar field.
• A proven track record of developing in Linux based environments.
• Experience working with relational databases.
• Experience with time-based DBs e.g. Graphite and Influx DB - an advantage.
• Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.
• Enjoy working in both individual and team settings.
• Very High Proficiency in both speaking and writing English.
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:Big Data, Python, JAVA
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:see.V

Software Team Leader

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
High Tech CompanyFor a startup company developing a device for vehicular safety, with offices in the Jerusalem area. משרה 98779
Job Requirements:3+ years of programming
experience in either: C / C++/ Java / C# from which at least one year of hands-on experience with C / C++
B.Sc. in computer science / Software engineering or proven extensive industrial experience
Advanced knowledge in Object-Oriented Design and programming concepts
High inter-personal skills
Problem solver

Experience managing software engineers or leading engineering projects
Experience running and developing on Linux
RT/Embedded programming
Scripting experience in one of the following: perl / python / js / ruby
Experience with SQL / NO-SQL database programming
Working experience in with version control systems like SVN / Git
Experience with one of the following cloud providers: AWS / Azure / Google cloud
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:C++ / C, ראש צוות, JAVA
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה

דרוש/ה מפתח/ת JAVA לארגון מוביל במרכז!

שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
קבוצת אמןדרוש/ה מתכנת/ת JAVA לארגון מוביל במרכז!
משרה מלאה (תיתכן אפשרות לגמישות בשעות), לטווח הארוך.
דרישות התפקיד:לפחות שנה- שנתיים ניסיון בפיתוח JAVA - חובה
המשרה מיועדת לנשים וגברים כאחד!
שנות נסיון:1-2 שנים
איזורים:מרכז, שרון, ירושלים
תחומים:JAVA, מתכנת
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:קבוצת אמן

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