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סקטור: השמה/כוח אדם
מספר עובדים: 11-50
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דרושים Yael Goren -Accurate

Yael Goren-HR is a boutique recruitment agency focused on technological positions for high-tech companies and startups. While we put special emphasis on Software/Hardware development positions, our agency is built to take on any recruitment challenge and offer resourceful solutions. Our extensive knowledge, unique recruiting methodologies, networking capabilities and creativity enables us to effectively match the right person with the right position. At Yael Goren-HR we provide a tailored solution that will perfectly fit your needs and goals. Whether you're looking for a job or a candidate, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you.

Senior Hardware Engineer

לפני 1 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
A medical Start-up in northern Israel is seeking to find Senior Board Design Engineer.
If you are a Senior Board Design engineer who is looking for your next challenge to take on full responsibility for the hardware development and research for new technologies.
We are looking for you.

Take on full responsibility for all hardware and electronics issues and reporting to hardware Team leader.
Develop & design digital and analog boards through all product life cycle from concept into mass production.
Design custom circuits and PCB layouts in collaboration with other project team members, and interface with outside vendors to fabricate necessary components.
Develop and execute new generations of the product, work on the new design, future architecture and support of previous generations.
Parallel work with software and mechanics teams and support of the production line.
Job Requirements:Qualifications:
BS/MS in relevant domains.
At least 10 years of experience in mixed signal Hardware design Electronics development.
Previous or current experience developing Robotics/Medical/Military systems-
2 years of experience leading the development of electronic product as Senior Engineer or Tech lead.
Knowledgeable with communication protocols
Experience in defining designing and writing code for microcontrollers - advantage
Experienced with system integration, bring up, and debug
Experience in self PCB layout - An advantage
Good team player – mandatory
Excellent human relations – mandatory
Very good English skills – reading, speaking and writing- mandatory
Required Experience:7 שנים ומעלה
Locations:שרון, צפון
Sub Categories:פיתוח חומרה, מהנדס Board Design, מהנדס אלקטרוניקה
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה

Devops Lead-a stealth mode start-up

לפני 1 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
לחברת Startup ממומנת היטב אשר עוסקת בתחום ה-ai ל-e-commerce ונמצאת באזור השרון, דרוש/ה Devops Lead להקמת התחום בחברה, גיוס וניהול הצוות. החברה הוקמה לפני פחות משנה ויש לה גב כלכלי חזק מאוד ואנחנו מחפשים Devops מנוסה שיקח על עצמו את התחום, יבחר ויטמיע טכנולוגיות חדשות וישמש כסמכות המקצועית. מדובר בהזדמנות נדירה להיכנס לחברה כאחד הראשונים ולהשפיע על המוצר ולגדול יחד איתה.
*המשרה מנוסחת בלשון זכר רק מטעמי נוחות.
* יש לשלוח קורות חיים באנגלית בלבד
Job Requirements:5+ years of relevant work experience, and at least 2 years in management role -must
Hands-on Linux experience and preferably using languages like Shell/bash, Ruby, Python, Java and Perl
Hands-on experience with a wide range of AWS services, including Redshift, Elasticsearch, Kinesis and EC2 in addition to open sources solutions such as Cassandra and Kafka
Experience defining and building CI/CD processes and working with common CI/CD tools
Proven work experience with monitoring and logging systems for a production
Big advantage:
Experience setting up a Kubernetes system
Proficiency with Maven build tools
Working with repository platforms such as Nexus, Archiva, and Artifactory
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:DevOps, Cloud, Big Data
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה

Senior Frontend developer-React/Redux & Node

לפני 17 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
My client, a global leader in the online market from TLV, is looking for an experienced Frontend developer.
As an FE Developer, you will help to build a new strategic product in the online market world.
Develop websites and mobile solutions that are scalable, highly performant, responsive, cross-device compatible
Implement new front-end tools, components or other initiatives which are used across company codebase.
Work in small groups with other talented thinkers & doers to create visionary UI/UX products and integrate them within our sites
Job Requirements:At least 4 years of experience in production Web environment
Strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, jQuery, Javascript.
2+ years of experience building responsive/adaptive Web applications/sites using modern CSS/SCSS/Less/CSS-in-JS development
You take pride in your work & ability and aren't satisfied till you reach that pixel-perfect look
Experience with ReactJS and Redux - big advantage
2 years of experience using various testing-oriented and code quality methodologies - big advantage
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, צפון
Sub Categories:Angular, React, מפתח WEB
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה

Cloud Software backend developer

לפני 17 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
A global and successful High-Tech company from central Israel, developing innovative IOT devices is looking for an experienced Java & Cloud Software backend developer. As a senior developer, you will develop state-of-the-art cloud analytic solutions and optimization algorithms to optimize and control customer’s energy usage and operations.
By doing so, you will help customers to save a lot of money and help the energy grid become more efficient and green.
Job Requirements:at least 5 years of experience developing robust, scalable server side.
strong architecture and software infrastructure development skills.
at least 5 years of experience of java experience.
bsc in computer sciences or equivalent, and/or relevant military alumni
team player
fast learner, passion to use new technologies.
responsible and accountable, a strong sense of ownership and passion for excellence.
experience with amazon aws cloud infrastructures
sql and nosql experience
experience with the following tools and technologies: spring security, spring mvc, hibernate, tomcat, multithreading, web applications architecture, mysql, linux
ability to handle client side code – react, html5, javascript, sencha, objective c, android - advantage
machine learning algorithms experience
experience as a developer in startup companies and agile teams
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:מתכנת, JAVA, Cloud
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה

Backend Developer- the second employee

לפני 18 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
הזדמנות מדהימה להצטרף כחלק מצוות הקמה ל-Startup שמוקם בימים אלה במימון מאסיבי על ידי פאונדרים מנוסים שכבר ייסדו ומכרו בהצלחה 4 חברות באקזיטים גדולים מאוד. צוות הפיתוח מונה כרגע VP R&D ומתכנת ואנחנו מחפשים שותפים לדרך, מתכנתים ומתכנתות חזקים שיצטרפו ויקחו חלק בבחירת הטכנולוגיות והקמת המוצר מסקרצ' (אין שורת קוד אחת כתובה) ויגדלו ויתפתחו מקצועית יחד עם החברה. יש המון מקום לביטוי עצמי, אחריות והגדלת ראש.
משרדי החברה ממוקמים בסמוך לרכבת עזריאלי.
Job Requirements:• Requirements:
• 5+ years experience working on and operating a service, with modern operative concepts (CI/CD, On-call, No QA, etc.)
• Java and/or Scala and/or Go experience
• Comfortable with Linux
• Experience with AWS and/or GCP, preferably with serverless and container based deployments.
• Experience with DevOps related tasks (CI/CD, Configuration management, Monitoring, etc.)
• Advantages:
• Experience with diverse data systems such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQL DBs (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL), Cassandra / DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis/Hazelcast/…,Presto, Druid/Pinot/ClickHouse/..., Spark, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, etc.
• Experience with frontend (React / Vue / Angular) development
• Python experience
• Kubernetes experience
Required Experience:7 שנים ומעלה
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים, צפון, דרום
Sub Categories:JAVA, Python, Scala
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה

Full Stack Developer-ROR/Node.js & React

לפני 18 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
על החברה: חברת Startup קטנה ומקסימה מתל אביב, שגייסה עד כה 10m$ ומפתחת מוצר דומה ל-slack. החברה נמצאת כ-15 דקות הליכה מתחנת רכבת השלום ומונה כ- 10 עובדים.
סטאק טכנולוגי: Ruby On Rails, Amazon, Rect
מה מחפשים: מפתח/ת Fullstack עם ניסיון בצד הבקאנד ב-ROR or Node.js ובצד הפרונטאנד ב-React or Angular עם ניסיון של 4 שנים ומעלה בפיתוח Fullstack.
החברה נמצאת בגדילה ולכן חשוב לנו מישהו עצמאי, שיודע/ת לעבוד ב-Startup בשלביו הראשונים ואוהב/ת את הקצב המהיר והדינמיות.
העבודה בצוות קטן בכפיפות למנהל פיתוח מקסים, סופר מקצועי, חם ואנושי.
Job Requirements:* 5+ years of development experience in backend technologies such as django\ror and possibly Nodejs
* 4+ years of development experience in frontend technologies (reactjs/angular)
* proven experience in developing at least one large scale application
* deep understanding of software design, software architecture and data modeling
* great knowledge of git/aws environments
* worked with scrum methodologies before.
* passion for building a fine-tuned product
* great communication skills
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים, צפון
Sub Categories:Ruby on Rails, Full Stack, NodeJS
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
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