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דרושים Python

חפש משרות

Python Full Stack Developer

לפני 5 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Novilis Software Systemsבמסגרת פרויקטים חדשניים ורחבי היקף, דרוש/ה מפתח/ת Python Full Stack מנוסה.
העבודה הינה בצוות פיתוח תוכנה המוביל טכנולוגיות ויישומים חדשניים.
דרישות התפקיד:ניסיון מעל 5 שנים בתחום פיתוח תוכנה בארגונים גדולים
ניסיון מוכח ב Python כשפה עיקרית - חובה
ידע ב Flask + jinja2
היכרות עם JQuery ו bootstrap
ידע ב Html, Javacript, css, JSON
הכרות עם REST
ניסיון מוכח עם Databases - יתרון ל DB2
ניסיון והבנה בארכיטקטורה של Microservices - יתרון
נסיון בהסבות data - יתרון
נסיון עם git ו docker - יתרון
יכולת עבודה בצוות, עצמאי, יכולת הבנה עצמאית של מסמכי איפיון
שנות נסיון:5-6 שנים
איזורים:מרכז, שפלה
תחומים:מתכנת, Python, מהנדס תוכנה
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה
משרות נוספות וכל מה שצריך לדעת על:Novilis Software Systems

Data Scientist

לפני 9 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
see.VA well-funded Blockchain startup led by successful entrepreneurs is looking for a Data Scientist to join its amazing team. The offices are in Ramat Gan. Perks include tai chi classes & game rooms.

* Create, build and implement state-of-the-art fraud prevention Machine Learning models to minimize fraud.
* Optimize our product flow to maximize conversion.
* Create end-to-end solutions from research to a production-grade service.
Job Requirements:* 4+ years of relevant work experience as a data scientist.
* Experience in machine learning, statistical tools, applied mathematics, analyzing data.
* Experience with predictive modeling.
* Strong coding background - preferably Python/R.

Skills & Advantages:
* Creative, open-minded and bottom-up oriented.
* Team player, motivated, dedicated and fun to be with.
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:Data Scientist, Python, Machine Learning
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:see.V

Senior Python Developer

לפני 9 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Yael Goren -AccurateA data company from central Israel (near the train) is looking a for senior python developer to join the Data team. as a senior python developer, you will be part of a team that builds data-driven services. you will develop new server applications and integrate with APIs from leading global companies. you will need to break through performance and scalable barriers using innovative thinking and cutting edge technology.
Job Requirements:degree in computer science or equivalent knowledge
5 years of programming experience.
3 years of experience of server-side python coding at data companies.
extensive hands-on experience in designing and developing applications using python
experience with developing large-scale, high-performance, cloud architectures
experience with SQL& NoSQL technologies (such as mysql , elastic search, Cassandra)
experience with messaging technologies (such as rabbitmq)
experience in the data processing
experience with Linux (Ubuntu) in aws
self-starter, fast learner, can-do attitude and great interpersonal skills, team player
strong problem-solving skills and a detail-oriented mindset
Required Experience:5-6 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים, צפון
Sub Categories:Python, מהנדס תוכנה
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Yael Goren -Accurate

Devops Lead-a stealth mode start-up

לפני 9 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Yael Goren -Accurateלחברת Startup ממומנת היטב אשר עוסקת בתחום ה-ai ל-e-commerce ונמצאת באזור המרכז, דרוש/ה Devops Lead להקמת התחום בחברה, גיוס וניהול הצוות. החברה הוקמה לפני פחות משנה ויש לה גב כלכלי חזק מאוד ואנחנו מחפשים Devops מנוסה שיקח על עצמו את התחום, יבחר ויטמיע טכנולוגיות חדשות וישמש כסמכות המקצועית. מדובר בהזדמנות נדירה להיכנס לחברה כאחד הראשונים ולהשפיע על המוצר ולגדול יחד איתה.
*המשרה מנוסחת בלשון זכר רק מטעמי נוחות.
* יש לשלוח קורות חיים באנגלית בלבד
Job Requirements:5+ years of relevant work experience, and at least 2 years in management role -must
Hands-on Linux experience and preferably using languages like Shell/bash, Ruby, Python, Java and Perl
Hands-on experience with a wide range of AWS services, including Redshift, ElastiCache, Kinesis and EC2 in addition to open sources solutions such as Cassandra and Kafka
Experience defining and building CI/CD processes and working with common CI/CD tools
Proven work experience with monitoring and logging systems for a production
Big advantage:
Experience setting up a Kubernetes system
Proficiency with Maven build tools
Working with repository platforms such as Nexus, Archiva, and Artifactory
Required Experience:7 שנים ומעלה
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה, ירושלים
Sub Categories:DevOps, JAVA, Python
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Yael Goren -Accurate

Python Developer

לפני 10 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
Comm-ITComm-IT is looking for a talented Python Developer!
Job Requirements:In-depth understanding of the Python programming language
At least 2 year of hands-on server side development ,experience in a client-server environment
Experience in Django - Must
Experience in Java development - Advantage
Experience in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 – Advantage
BA / BSc degree in computer science (or equivalent)
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון, שפלה
Sub Categories:Python, JAVA, מהנדס תוכנה
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:Comm-IT

Big Data

לפני 11 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
- חסוי -בנק גדול במרכז מחפש אנשי Big Data
קיימים מספר תפקידים גם בכירים וגם זוטרים
דרישות התפקיד:Hadoop
יד בסטטיסטיקה יתרון
שנות נסיון:1-2 שנים
תחומים:Big Data, Python, ראש צוות
היקף המשרה:משרה מלאה

Software Engineer Cloud

לפני 11 שעות
הגש/י מועמדות
RADWARERadware is looking for an innovative and talented Senior Software Engineer who will have a significant impact on the company's Cloud business expansion. We are building the next generation of the company's Cloud-based management and protection solution.
As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be part of a team responsible for the design, development, and deployment of a Cloud-based software solution. You will be using modern technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Graph-databases, Prometheus, and other advanced tools that are running in a scalable Cloud infrastructure. You will:
· Develop cutting-edge, scalable, and high-performance products based on a microservices architecture
· Collaborate with Software Engineers and Product Managers to deliver a trendsetting product
· Craft clean, maintainable, and resilient code
· Work side-by-side with your peers to overcome complex challenges
· Continuously improve and learn new technological skills
Job Requirements:Requirements
• At least 5 years of back-end Web applications development experience using Java
• Deep understanding of Java using frameworks such as Spring
• Experience with OOP and design patterns
• Experience with CI/CD development methodology
• Team player, as well as a great independent owner and contributor
• B.Sc. in Computer Science or an equivalent
Nice to have skills:
• Expertise in microservices development with Go
• Experience with a front-end framework, preferably React (JS, TypeScript)
• Experience working with Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Spark, Prometheus, ELK, Redis, Postgres
• Development in Cloud environments: AWS, Azure
Required Experience:3-4 שנים
Locations:מרכז, שרון
Sub Categories:JAVA, Cloud, Python
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:RADWARE

Senior developer for Video visualization tool

לפני 12 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
MOBILEYEMobileye changes the way we drive, from preventing accidents to semi and full autonomous vehicles. If you are a bright, hands-on person with passion to make a difference come be part of the revolution!
The Development Infrastructure (DI) department is responsible for Mobileye's infrastructure and in-house tools. We're developing a big variety of tools in the areas of: cloud computing, video clip visualization and labeling, source control, code-review, build system, continuous integration, debugger, IDE, and more.
We're writing in Python and C/C++ over Linux, using various technologies, infrastructures and open/closed source tools.

What will YOU do?
Analyze visualization tool performance in various use cases & implement solutions for better performance.
Increase the efficiency of the R&D group by improving company-wide methodologies, tooling, data formats, APIs, underlying infrastructure and more.
Develop tools using Python, C++ & Qt - both front-end and back-end.

As part of your day to day work, you will:
Influence on video display & related data visualization tools that are the main tools for hundreds of users across the R&D organization.
Meet the users of the tools, understand the different use cases and needs.
Get exposed to the company's bleeding edge technologies and adjust the tools appropriately (Cloud / Autonomous vehicle / REM and more).
Analyze usage of those tools, locate the best place to optimize.
Communicate with various stake-holders of those tools and affect the design, format & implementation of data formats used throughout the organization.
See your tools being used extensively by hundreds of users, where every improvement, optimization and new feature is based on real requirements and is usually very significant to their daily work.
Job Requirements:8+ years of previous software development experience - must.
B.Sc. in Computer Science / Engineering - with excellence.
Excellent knowledge of Python - must.
Experience with developing under Linux - must.
Experience with Qt/NumPy/Pandas - a great advantage.
Experience with cloud - advantage.
Very good knowledge of C/C++.
Very good communication - Hebrew & English.
Ability to work independently and quickly learn new technologies and systems.
Required Experience:7 שנים ומעלה
Locations:ירושלים, בית שמש, מעלה אדומים
Sub Categories:C++ / C, Python, מתכנת
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:MOBILEYE

Software Developer (122123)

לפני 12 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
MOBILEYEMobileye changes the way we drive, from preventing accidents to semi and fully autonomous vehicle. If you are an excellent, bright, hands-on person with passion to make a difference - come to lead the revolution!

What will You do?
Develop tools and methodologies for the autonomous vehicle simulations.
Work in an exciting environment that is responsible for the autonomous vehicle developing project.
Manage interfaces with Algorithms developers, Project Managers and more.
Job Requirements:Knowledge of Python & C++ - Must.
1-5 years of programming experience.
Familiar with Image Processing.
3D Modeling - Advantage.
Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
Ability to work in a multi-tasked and dynamic environment.
Required Experience:1-2 שנים
Locations:ירושלים, בית שמש, מעלה אדומים
Sub Categories:C++ / C, מתכנת, Python
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:MOBILEYE

Cloud Test Engineer (123359)

לפני 12 שעות
שלח קורות חייםהוסף לסל
MOBILEYEMobileye systems change the way we drive. The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which is already widely deployed, prevents accidents. Mobileye is developing semi and fully autonomous vehicles, to be deployed in the future.
If you are an excellent, bright, hands-on person with a passion to make a difference, come and lead the revolution!
About the group
As suggested by its name, Mobileye's Functionality and Performance Analysis (FPA) group evaluates technologies and algorithms used in Mobileye products. Since the Mobileye system is complex and based on machine learning and image processing, the FPA analysis and validation processes require advanced analytic and technical abilities.

What will You do?

Writing code for tool automation in the cloud testing team
Job Requirements:Experience in cloud environment - an advantage

Working experience with complex systems - Must

NodeJS or Python code experience - Must

BSc. In Computer Science / Software engineering - Must

1-2 years experience

Fluent English
Required Experience:1-2 שנים
Locations:ירושלים, בית שמש, מעלה אדומים
Sub Categories:מתכנת, Python, NodeJS
Job Scopes:משרה מלאה
For more jobs and additional info about:MOBILEYE

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