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AID Genomics is focused on delivering advanced diagnostics solutions to facilitate better preventative
strategies for healthy individuals and more personalized treatment strategies for individuals battling
cancer. By combining bioinformatics with next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence, AID
Genomics seeks to operate at the vanguard of precision medicine by unlocking the secrets hidden within
Roles & Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work on large-scale cutting-edge sequencing and
functional data.
Some duties and responsibilities include:
Leading their own research project;
Providing bioinformatics support including developing computational pipelines to analyze large-
scale sequencing data, statistical modeling;
The successful candidate for this position will have substantial input to the specific nature of their
research project but should broadly fit within both company overall research goals. Company members
will benefit from collaborations with neighboring companies in the field of Personalized Medicine.

דרישות התפקיד

BSc in Biological Sciences, Bioinformatics, Computer Sciences, Statistics or related discipline.
PhD or MSc. in related field preferred.
Working experience with genetics or statistics analysis software and online resources.
Experience in programming environments such as Python, R and Bash.
Good organization and communication skills, with demonstrated ability to productively work as a
member of a team. Strong verbal and written communication skills in English are required.