Experienced Firmware Engineer

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The Firmware group, located in Tefen Industrial Park (North), is responsible for analysis, planning, development and maintenance of software-hardware interfaces, such as embedded NAND products for smart phones and tablets, and solid-state drives for consumer and enterprise products.
As part of the team, you will:
• design and implement mainly in C data structures, software algorithms, data path, drivers for HW cores, and implement storage interfaces such as PCIe NVMe, SATA, UFS and eMMC
• work on multiple environments: PC with full HW simulation (C language in Visual Studio), FPGA board, and on the final product
• work closely with excellent colleague engineers, cope with complex challenges, innovate, and develop products that will be sold in millions of units

we are looking for an experienced and talented Firmware Engineer to join our team!
Among other things, you will:
• Take a part in the definition, design, and implementation of new features
• Participate in FW/FPGA/HW integrations
• Work in both high-level SW and real-time embedded FW environments
• Do FW validation and Failure analysis

דרישות התפקיד

Job Essentials and Requirements
• BSc in computer science/Electronics Engineering or equivalent
• At least 8 years’ experience in RTOS development
• Fluent in C, Python language
• Team player, suitable to contribute & brain-storm with the team
• High debugging skills (in C, ASM)
• Ability to learn independently

• Experience with tool-chain and build environment tools
• Familiar with UFS protocol