Data & Cloud technical team leader

פתח תקווה |
5-6 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| לפני 7 שעות
תיאור משרה

Comm-IT is looking for Head Of Data Management to our team that provides supreme level of expertise in all aspects of databases to customers and employees, focusing especially on problem-solving.
Job Description:
· Strengthens partnerships with Cloud vendors – AWS and Microsoft.
· Provides design, development, configuration and administration for hundreds of large and critical client database systems.
· Designs strategy for DB working processes (e.g. backup & recovery) during project life cycle, and guides them through full implementation.
· Plans, participates and executes professional meetups, seminars and webinars to promote company’s services to potential customers and employees.

· Day-to-day interaction with clients, to learn of their existing and emergent needs, to ensure customer satisfaction.

דרישות התפקיד

At least 3 years’ experience with AWS/Azure in data niche.
At least 7years’ experience as a data expert.
Client-oriented approach.
Team-player who is pleasant to work with.
Knowledge in MySQL, PostgreSQL- must
Understanding of NOSQL & BIG DATA technologies
Presentation and lecture skills and avid experience
Readiness to provide extra effort and set a personal example
Experience with 3rd party DB monitoring tools, e.g.: Quest, Idera, Redgate