Senior Software Engineer / Java Developer

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| 29/04/2021
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We are currently building the most advanced log analytics SaaS platform in the market, based upon popular, cutting edge, open source technologies.
We’re looking for a highly motivated, Java Backend Developer to join our fast growing Kyiv product startup!
As a Senior Software Engineer / Java Backend Developer you'll be involved in end-to-end activities, from design and architecture, through coding, testing, and up to deployment and monitoring, using the most advanced technologies and methodologies out there.
You will also be expected to harness your experience to shore up the technological leadership of the Engineering organization. משרה 102958

דרישות התפקיד

7+years experience in Java development
Deep understanding of best practices in scalable server side architecture
Ability to design, research and implement large projects
Autodidact and self-motivated
True team player