senior DevOps

פתח תקווה |
3-4 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| לפני 16 שעות
תיאור משרה

We is looking for a unique, experienced and enthusiastic Head of DevOps for an ambitious new SaaS product. Responsibilities include ownership of all infrastructure and development operations for the engineering and ensure that all work meets user and commercial objectives, is delivered on time, to budget and to the quality standards agreed. The work will include close work with our system architect, team leaders and CPO.

דרישות התפקיד

At least 2 years of proven background leading similarly experienced DevOps teams delivering high performance; highly available and resilient .applications and infrastructures
.Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration
Experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis etc…
.Experience with AWS, Azure and K8S (advantage working GCP)
.Strong experience with databases
.Experience with systems and IT operations
.Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services
.Experience with automation/configuration management using Terraform, Pulumi, Puppet, Chef, Ansible etc…
Good people and line management skills