Security Sys Admin - SecureStay

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1-2 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 30/11/2021
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Who We Are
Our life has become much more connected. We live in what has effectively become a connected world. All that connectivity gives hackers an almost limitless number of access points to attack, including Wi-Fi, Cloud, Bluetooth, LANS, hotel security cameras, check-in and out systems, hotel POS systems, and more. Every single one of these could be an entry point for a hacker.

Visiting Hotels for different purposes, even security-savvy individuals will likely let their guard down a bit when on holiday or during a business trip, and that creates a particularly tempting target for hackers.

Hotels are data-Hubs which are the weakest link on the chain.

We protect All layers of data during your hospitality wherever it is set, no matter its purposes for business or pleasure.
Our mission is to monitor, screen, manage, orchestrate, operate, administrate and automate a secure environment, tools, and development to secure all layers (Data, Application. End-Point, LAN, Perimeter, WAN, Cloud) for vulnerability disclosure and cyber incident response

What You'll do
•• We're searching for a brilliant Security Sys Admin to establish, maintain, and oversee the company's vision and strategy and lead the program implementation, operations, data, tools, and network against a dynamic threat landscape.?
• Workstation installation, virtualization, configuration, maintenance, diagnosis, and troubleshoot SW and network issues
• Technical support for software, mobile, and other system components, services, and protection
• Testing new technologies, upgrading the company technologies such as servers, backups, storage, etc.
• Knowledge of train new users, systems, and setting accounts
• Monitor the performance of servers and system components
• Develop, implement, and monitor a strategic, comprehensive Client information security and IT risk management program. Responding promptly to customers issues and requests
• Ensure that the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information are owned, controlled, or processed by the company, business, and customers.
• Work directly with the clients to facilitate risk assessment and risk management processes.
• Partner with business stakeholders across the company to raise awareness of risk management concerns.
• Liaise with the?R&D team,?the?DevOps?team, and?the?IT?team to ensure alignment between the security, system architecture, and actual implementation.

דרישות התפקיד

Who You Are
- 2+ years of work experience in management and maintenance of servers: Windows / Linux / UNIX, Virtualization, OS/SQL/Data Backup, etc. – a MUST
- 3+ years of experience in IT customer support PC / Network related issues. Good knowledge of networks, including TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, VLAN. VPN systems (IPSEC) - a MUST
- Good knowledge of Domain Controller, Active Directory, FireWall, Routers, Managed Switches, AWS security, and compute cloud services - a MUST
- Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English – a MUST
- Good knowledge of Windows/MAC (operating system configuration ability – regedit/gpedit/GPO)
- Services oriented excellent communication skills. Multitask with the ability to work in a dynamic environment
- Creative thinking in problem-solving and a drive to expand your knowledge

- Certifications like: MCSE, AWS Certified, CCNA Cloud, CCNP Cloud
Good knowledge of at least one scripting language
Work experience in AWS cloud / Azure / GCP
Knowledge of system security techniques (IPS/IDS/SOC Tools)