VP Clients

מספר מקומות |
5-6 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 20/05/2022
תיאור משרה

A startup fusing cutting edge technology with marketing solutions to change the way that businesses and organizations communicate with their customers is looking for a VP of Client Sucess to serve as a strong link.

Job Responsibilities:
- Bring together clients and customers from the local and global marketplace.
- Work with clients directly on all levels: technical, business, support, and product, including providing added value through training and webinars.
- Create and execute operational plans to drive the business goals, leveraging strategies and tactics across all necessary functions, including Customer Success, Support Engineering, Sales and Product, and Engineering.
- Serve as an escalation point for customer issues to ensure they are resolved quickly.
- Ensure Customer feedback is communicated internally to enable ongoing improvement of company's products and services.
- Understand the market trends and always keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments impacting the industry.

דרישות התפקיד

- 3+ years experience leading a SaaS CSM team, including team leaders.
- 5+ years of B2B Customer Success experience.
- English mother tongue level, additional languages are a big advantage.
- A jack of all trades - a motivational leader, mentor, and a damn good executer!
- Highly customer-focused and oriented.
- Strong analytical, technical skills and strategic thinking.
- Exceptional writing, communication and presentation skills.
- Perfect organizational, project management, and time management skills.