Senior Full Stack Developer

מספר מקומות |
3-4 שנים |
משרה מלאה
| 05/07/2022
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Senior Full Stack Developer
5+ years of programming experience as a Java full-stack developer.
Experience in React or Angular, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS 3, browser behavior, page life-cycle, and DOM events.
Excellent architecture-level design and understanding of large-scale systems.
SQL and NoSQL Databases experience and knowledge.
Great passion for building high-performance, beautifully architected products.
Versed in software engineering principles and practices - Agile development.
B.Sc./B.A Computer Science or equivalent IDF courses/experience.
Senior Full Stack Developer
7+ years hands-on experience in web full stack development - backend and frontend
3+ years experience with backend JS with Node & Express
3+ years experience with frontend JS with a modern web framework (React / Vue / Angular / AMP)
Experience in various DBs (SQL and No-SQL)
At least 4 years working with server side technologies such as Node.js/Python

At least 4 years working with client side technologies such as Vue.js/React/Angular

Experience both in relational databases (MySQL, Postgres) and NoSQL (Mongo, Cassandra, Elasticsearch)
4+ years of experience as a Fullstack developer
4+ years of experience in Node.js
4+ years of experience using React.js
Experience writing tests (Unit, component, functional, end to end)
Experience with Sql and noSql DB’s

דרישות התפקיד

Senior Fullstack Engineer
5+ years professional experience as a full stack engineer on web applications and services
2+ years of experience with NodeJS or similar backend scripting technology
2+?years of experience with a modern front-end framework
An appreciation for customer-centric solutions where success is defined by business impact
Full Stack Engineer
4+ years of hands-on experience in software engineering (Full Stack/Backend)
3+ years of experience with server-side technologies such as Python/Node.js/Java/etc
Experience with serverless architecture on AWS or other cloud services
Familiarity with Git, CI/CD framework and testing
At least 3 years experience of developing a complex web application.
Expert in React, CSS and HTML.
3+ years of experience with server side concepts such as GO/Python/Java/Node
Experience in designing, developing and debugging web-based systems
Attention to details in implementing UX and a passion for writing good clean code