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CommIt is looking for MySQL DBA to join out team!
Manage MySQL databases through multiple product lifecycle environments (24/7).
· Manage duties such as troubleshooting, tuning input/output to enhance database performance.
· Monitor and optimize the performance of the databases.
· Write new and correct existing database monitoring processes. Work with the Development team to identify and resolve issues.
· Assist in developing our database monitoring strategy for proactive performance, tuning and high availability in a 24/7 Production Environment.
· Assess RDMBS + NOSQL technologies in the product/company.
· Lead and manage Development, Test, QA and Production databases and implementing future enhancements to meet the business needs of the end users
· Work as part of the infrastructure group in the R&D.
· Be the go-to person in the company for data and database.
· Manage the day to day data and database operations of the company (maintenance, upgrade, backup).
· Participate and support the development process.
· Automate development and database processes.
· Investigate, test and deploy new tools for data and database management.
· Deploy and maintain BI tools and processes.

דרישות התפקיד

· Over 3 years of experience as DBA (infrastructure and applications), preferably with experience in production environment.
· Proven experience in MySQL.
· Proven experience in NoSQL DBs such as MongoDB.
· Deep understanding of development procedures and needs.
· Deep understanding of cloud environments and infrastructure.
· Ability to work with multiple departments on multiple tasks and coordinate.

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